Second cohort of private companies and Public Institutions awarded with Gold Gender Equality Seal for promoting gender accountability

The second cohort of nine private companies and public institutions was, on 30th March 2023, awarded with Gold gender equality seal for their outstanding achievements in promoting gender equality and accountability in their business and at their workplace.

The awarded companies participate to a joint programme “Gender Equality Seal Certification programme” implemented by the Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) and the Private Sector Federation in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Programme for promotion of gender equality and women empowerment (UN Women).

The gender equality seal certification programme was initiated in 2017 with the aim to support private sector companies to promote gender equality and accountability through their businesses, procedures and processes. Government institutions were also included in the programme to promote gender accountability within those institutions.

The awarded companies and institutions are the Bank of Rwanda (BNR), National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA), Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM), CIMERWA Plc, INKOMOKO, SINA GERARD Enterprise URWIBUTSO (Nyirangarama), NCBA Bank Rwanda, Mata Tea Company Limited and Rwanda Energy Group (REG)

The achievements registered by both private companies and public institutions include establishment of breastfeeding rooms at workplace, increasing the number of females in male dominated jobs, establishing gender and mainstreaming committee, establish gender equality and accountability police and increasing the number of females in decision-making positions as a key performance indicator (KPIs).Companies were also commended for establishing child care facilities, putting in place sexual harassment policies and reducing gender pay gaps.

Besides the awarded companies, the 4th cohort comprised of two private companies were also recognized and given certificates for their commitment and progress in promoting gender accountability.

The recognized Private companies Legacy Clinics and Diagnosis Ltd and Kitabi Tea company Limited

The above companies and public institutions have gone through gender self-assessments, developed their action plans and started implementing them to address identified gender gaps.

This recognition and certification ceremony was organized as part of the activities for the international women’s month of March. In addition, as a result of the program, the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) launched the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy to achieve Gender equality in economic and financial sector development with a mission to contribute to economic and financial sector development by creating a conducive environment. Its gender strategy, Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) launched the first ever Gender Standard and PSF specialized Cluster launched Entrepreneur’s Desk aiming at provide various practical training in areas of export/import advisory, marketing, access to the market, to mention but a few to our members, especially women, youth, and persons with Disabilities.